1. Let The Blogs Begin

    Hello blog readers, I hope you all are having a great day. You may be wondering who’s writing you are reading right now, so I would love to give you some background information on who I am and what I love. My name is Cory Snyder, I am a junior at Greenville College studying Biology Education with an LBS-1 endorsement. Education is where my heart felt pulled by the Lord shortly after coming to Greenville College. Having an impact on children is something I have always loved to do and it was not until Greenville College that I… Continue reading →

  2. Turning Greenville Green – midyear report on Mason Tennell, YECA Fellow

    Mason Tennell

    Zahniser Institute has been honored to collaborate with Mason Tennell on several Creation Care projects this year. Mason is a junior Biology Education and Enivronmental Biology double major at Greenville college and a 2014-2015 YECA Climate Leadership Fellow. The Climate Leadership Fellows program recruits, mentors, and commissions promising evangelical undergraduate students from across the United States and beyond. Find out more about Mason's work in this YECA midyear report. Mason Tennell  Greenville College – Greenville, Illinois Mason is a third year Biology Education and Environmental Biology double major at Greenville University, a Free Methodist… Continue reading →

  3. Celebrating 50 Years of the Wilderness Act

    Today, environmentalists around the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act, which was authored and championed by our namesake, Howard Zahniser. Called a “legendary leader” and “savior of wild places,” Zahniser's vision for wilderness was one in which "in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, . . . [wilderness is] an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain."  Passing unanimously in the Senate and with… Continue reading →

  4. Medieval America: Exposing Environmental Ignorance

    Dr. Snyder's most recently published book

    Today's blog is a guest post by Dr. Howard Snyder. This essay was originally posted on Dr. Snyder's blog, Ecology of Church and Kingdom, at Seedbed. Find the original post here. In Europe’s Middle Ages (500-1500), people knew nothing about bacteria and other microbes. So they suffered the consequences in disease and plague. Today in North America people know next to nothing about ecology and the complex interplay between human life and well-being and that of plants, animals, insects, and earth, air, and water. So we suffer the consequences in diseases of body and mind, society… Continue reading →

  5. The Wilderness Experience

    Opal Creek, Oregon

    This essay is the text from a chapel address on The Wilderness Experience delivered by Zahniser Institute Director Lacy Cagle at Greenville College on April 11, 2012. The presentation was one of a six part lecture series on Salvation Means Creation Healed. In his classic 1949 book A Sand County Almanac, naturalist and conservationist Aldo Leopold wrote eloquently about learning to “think like a mountain” – by this, he meant developing the capacity to see the bigger picture of all of creation’s existence, and to understand our humble role in that order. In his book, he shares the story… Continue reading →