Let The Blogs Begin

Hello blog readers, I hope you all are having a great day. You may be wondering who’s writing you are reading right now, so I would love to give you some background information on who I am and what I love.

My name is Cory Snyder, I am a junior at Greenville College studying Biology Education with an LBS-1 endorsement. Education is where my heart felt pulled by the Lord shortly after coming to Greenville College. Having an impact on children is something I have always loved to do and it was not until Greenville College that I connected my love for the Lord and helping children in any way I can. At GC I play football and have a deep love for the brothers who are a part of that team.

I attended Jersey Community High School in small town USA Jerseyville, IL. While there, I played football, wrestling, and baseball while being involved with various other clubs and activities. Residing in Jerseyville my whole life up until leaving for college, I was the youngest of four children; Kelsey, Cole, Karissa, and myself. I belong to two loving, wonderful parents Allen and Debra who have been married for 27 years. From a very young age, my parents instilled in me a distinct responsibility to take care of the earth and all of creation. From recycling, hunting, fishing, camping, and other various outdoor activities, I quickly came to realize the connectedness the world possessed.

At Greenville College I met many great professors who brought to light the pressing issues of climate change, environmental injustice, and multiple other ways that the climate is affecting how we live each and every day. One person in particular helped me connect my faith with caring for the environment, my roommate and brother in Christ, Mason Tennell. I came to know Mason because we have the same major at Greenville, after a few conversations I could instantly tell he would be a friend for life. Mason began to tell me of an internship he was taking part in, he was a “Climate Fellow” through Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. Shortly after a few conversations with Mason I knew I had found my niche and that I wanted to be part of what he was doing. After the interview process the YECA team informed me that I had been selected as a Climate Fellow for the 2015-2016 school year.

Enthralled would be a good word to describe the way I felt after finding out I had been selected to be a part of the YECA team. Not long after being accepted into the Fellows program, Mason began to tell about the other half the program I was involved in, the Zahniser Institute. I was not sure what the Zahniser Institute was all about in the beginning, but after a quick Google search I found that ZI seeks to educate the community, faculty and staff of the greater Greenville area on creative ways to care for God’s creation. The ZI website was very helpful, but is no match for the way people like Mathias Zahniser and Lacy Cagle encapsulate the true meaning, purpose, and vision of the Zahniser Institute.

As this is my first introductory blog I feel liable to tell you what will be discussed during the upcoming school year. A brief list of ideas include: composting on GC’s campus, environmental injustice in the Middle East, YECA activities throughout the world, COP-21, and many other environmental issues throughout the world!

I look forward to going on this journey with the readers and would appreciate/seek input, critique, and any advice you may have to offer!


Until next time, always remember to “Live Green!”